Art Dish

Welcome to the Art Dish by K.Wish.

We all recognize the Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe silkscreens, Starry Night…the list goes on. Why do certain art pieces become so commercialized, popular, and immortalized? Because they’re simply awesome in one way or another. Even if you don’t study art or seek it out, you recognize what you like, dislike, and remember these sometimes immortalized images. But do you know the weird facts, the differentiating circumstances, the off-the-wall meanings? Probably not. But, these weird flairs fascinate me. We’ll both learn about them here while finding some cool pieces of art throughout history that you may love (or depise!).

I’ll be researching and sharing interesting, beautiful, weird, ugly, gross, and fun pieces of art, photographs, sculptures, artists, movements, and current topics. In addition, I’d like to do weekly craft and art how-to-do’s to jazz up your life, and mine.

I hope you enjoy this art dish, learn something, hate something, criticize something, make something, and share something. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot too.

Yours truly,


(Lego Mona Lisa courtesy
(Miss Piggy Lisa courtesy BuyTeethWhitener)


5 responses to “Art Dish

  1. Oh, and I think the Mona Lisa reached the celebrity tipping point, I believe, from the many hands (thievery and otherwise) that have possessed it. And a lot of iconic art has become famous because people despise it.

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