Art Blogs/Sites to Follow

Today I’m going to give you a brief description of each of my blogroll sites (see the bottom of the page). These are the sources that I most frequently get my information and news from for Art Dish.

  1. ArtCulture features commentary and news from topics ranging from art and photography to fashion and performance. This blog provides a variety of topics on specific styles of art that I may feature, such as environmental art and urbanity.
  2. Art Daily is an online art newspaper that provides a variety of news. Here you can find mainstream news, unique stories that would fly under your radar, news on museums and artists, and international art news.
  3. Art Forum is an international magazine located in New York. It provides news, an art guide, reviews, and “art diaries” which can all contribute opinions on topics I may discuss.
  4. Crimson Kaie is an art blog that highlights emerging artists. This blog is a good place to find contemporary art and artists.
  5. Drawn is one of the most popular illustration, animation, cartooning, and comic art blogs. This blog provides and eclectic array of images and videos that will add substance to this blog.
  6. The New York Times Arts Beat blog discusses the “culture at large.” The New York Times is located in an art hub of America and provides coverage and interviews on art and culture topics.
  7. The Art Blog provides podcasts, art reviews, and international news. This blog has been featured in several trade journals.
  8. The Art History Blog provides a 10 minutes art history lesson on a variety of art pieces. This is a good place to find concrete historical information on art.
  9. The Art Newspaper provides information on mainstream news, museums, features, the arts market, fairs, and books. This will be a great place if I ever have writers block.
  10. The Best Part gives commentary on “all things art and design.” This blog provides information on very contemporary images and artists that are just emerging in the art world.

I hope to look at a variety of topics and types of art to give my blog a balanced view. I don’t want to JUST provide information on art historical items. On the other hand, I also don’t want to JUST highlight contemporary artists. Therefore, I’ll be learning about and sharing a wide variety of images and artists so that everyone can find someone or something to become enamored with!


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