Egyptian Museum Amidst Riots Today

Courtesy AP

In the vane of museum topics, the Egyptian Museum has some interesting news of it’s own today.

We’ve all been following the turmoil in Egypt over the past week. However, the riots have infiltrated the art world today. According to the Huffington Post, petrol bombs were thrown Cairo’s Tahrir Square earlier today, some landing in the Egyptian Museum gardens. Thankfully, it seems the museum received no damage.

According to witnesses, the bombs were being thrown by demonstrating in support of President Mubarak.

On Friday, the museum was broken into  by looters who smashed statues and damaged several mummies.

Once inside the museum, they went to the Late Period gallery, Hawass wrote. “When they found no gold, they broke 13 vitrines (glass showcases) and threw the antiquities on the floor.”  –CNN

It’s been speculated the police officials are to blame for this looting. The Washington Post has more on this aspect of the story.

Although Tahrir Square is surrounded by the army, the protection of these artifacts will continue to be an issue. However, issues like this arise during every riot and power struggle, despite where the struggle is located.

"Antiquities chief Zahi Hawass speaks at Cairo's Egyptian Museum Monday" - Courtesy AP

This was an interesting first post for Blog-A-Day week and I’ll try to keep updated on this story as more events are sure to occur this week.


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