Morgantown Art Venues

Today, I’m going to highlight some museums, galleries, and art activities that are local to me.

Since Morgantown, WV is the epitome of West Virginia University college culture, there are a few college related arts organizations and museums in conjunction with the University. Although I will touch on these venues, there are some other gems in town.

  1. Creative Arts Center Mesaros Galleries
  2. Monongalia Arts Center
  3. WOW Factory
  4. The Art Museum of WVU

Student Jesse Allen's "Painting 214" was featured in a past exhibit.

The Mesaros Galleries at the WVU Creative Arts Center (CAC) were my first thought when contemplating this post. As an art history minor, I had to spend a deal of time in these galleries. The Mesaros Galleries are managed by the Division of Art and Design at WVU and are “committed to showing experimental work that is innovative, both in terms of media and content.” The Galleries feature traveling exhibitions and student thesis work. Here’s a link to their current exhibits.


The MAC is located between the Hotel Morgan and the Morgantown Post Office on South High Street.

The Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) was founded in 1976 by the Tanner family with a vision of having a “facility complete with a theatre, art gallery, exhibit area, classrooms and workshop space.” The MAC holds the

The Davis Gallery in the MAC

Benedum Gallery, the Davis Gallery for Contemporary Arts, and the M.T. Pockets Theatre Company.

Also in 1979, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The MAC is basically a venue for community art and theatre in Morgantown. If you follow their social media accounts, you can find out when their exhibit openings and shows are held.

The WOW Factory offers summer programs, events, and parties.

The WOW Factoryallows customers to paint their own pottery, perform glass fusing, and create mosaics that you can take home with you! Of course, it costs some money but this place is FUN. The WOW Factory is located on University Ave. in Star City. This is a seriously fun place to go if you need a splash of something different in your life.

"Architect’s rendering of the Michael Graves building (former alumni center) and the new Art Museum, January 2010."

The Art Museum of WVU is expected to be opened in 2012. The Creative Arts Center has done a great job of including a ton of information on the web site for this project. It includes construction pictures (although they aren’t up to date!) and additional architect’s visions for the interior portion of the building.

The new museum will make art more accessible to the public, providing two art galleries totaling approximately 5300 sq ft.that will present touring exhibitions as well as exhibitions drawn from the university art collection. The building will be designed to be energy-efficient while controlling light, humidity, and temperature within the appropriate ranges required to protect vulnerable works of art.

I’m pretty excited about the opening of this museum and hope it’s going to be as amazing as it sounds.

So, your mission (if you’re in Morgantown and reading this) is to go check out one of these venues and tell me about your experience. Obviously, you can’t yet go to the Art Museum of WVU, but the three other locations are very diverse in what they have to offer.


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