Sesame Street Partners with New National Children’s Museum

At the partnership announcement between the National Children's Museum and Sesame Street in Washington. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin.

One, two, three… let’s let out a big “awwwwww.” Apparently little Elmo can pretend to be the commander in chief at the new National Children’s Museum near Washington. Exhibits will be created in the new museum that will incorporate Sesame Street characters.

The museum will feature Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and of course, Elmo. Apparently this amazing museum will have an indoor river, a theater, and a replica of the Oval Office.

You mean Elmo can pretend to be the commander in chief. Just think of it…President Elmo.
–Elmo playing PR rep at the news conference on Thursday.

If I had kids, I’d totally take them to this museum once it opened. However, according to NYT Arts Beat, this partnership is somewhat financial, as well. They are hoping the flurry of excitement and news will help reign in more fundraising money for the museum. Their ultimate fundraising goal is $182 million.

But I really don’t recall being at all excited or interested in politics and government during my Sesame Street days. So, hopefully this museum will ingrain some political responsibility into children at an early age.

The old Capital Children’s Museum, a Capitol Hill fixture for 30 years, closed in 2004. Groundbreaking on the new museum is scheduled for later this year, the organizers announced Thursday. It will be designed by noted architect Cesar Pelli.’ – The Washington Post


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