The end of Blog-a-Day Week!

I must say, this has been an exhausting experience for me. However, I did learn a few things about blogging this week.

  1. I may have had a plan in mind for the week, but something is inevitably going to happen to change that plan (and that’s ok).
  2. I learned more about my art topic than I expected and paid more attention to my RSS feeds during this past week.
  3. The quality of my posts varied from day to day. Some days I could really find something to be enthusiastic about, while other days the posts were pulling at sticks.
  4. I think it’s okay to not blog every single day, especially if you can’t find quality topics or commentary to produce. It’s better to write about what interests you and your readers than pushing out posts that have the potential to interest neither.

Overall though, I’d say I enjoyed my Blog-a-Day Week experience (but won’t be performing the month long marathon). My favorite part of the week was everything that was happening with the Egyptian Museum. The news and events surrounding the museum oddly fit into my weeks plans, although it was an unplanned subject. However, I loved the spontaneity of this and it makes the whole experience worthwhile.


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