Twitter Mega-Assignment & Intercollegiate Crosstalk

During last week’s class, we had a Twitter Scavenger Hunt challenge!

Deepa and me

Deepa and I teamed up to complete everything on the list…and it was cold! This assignment left room for creativity, which also posed some challenges for Deepa and I, as neither of us was too familiar with Tweetdeck for the iPhone (which created some half finished tweets that were sent out to the interwebs, oops).

But, we were tasked with finding eclectic items such as our favorite place to eat, a professor on the street, a little known fact (about WVU), something exemplifying academic excellence, etc.

Coffee from The Daily Grind

My favorite tweet was about the little known fact. The owner of The Daily Grind on Willey St. made a free latte showcasing his awesome talents of milk and creamer designs.

We were then prompted to interact with other classes that were do the same challenge. Here are the schools that I interacted with: University of Oregon, Lehigh University, and Drury University. It was interesting to see that it was snowing pretty much everywhere at the time! It was also nice to literally see these other campuses, what they found to be interesting, and the information they were sharing and building upon through Twitter.

Check out the hashtag #wvublogj if you’re interested.


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