Lady Gaga: The Art Behind the Music

A shot of Lady Gaga on the Red Carpet at the Grammy's 2011

Lady Gaga being presented in an egg at the Grammy's

Lady Gaga walked away with three Grammy awards Sunday night. But she also walked OUT of an egg that night.

Lady Gaga is arguably one of the most controversial performers and pop artists of our generation, being compared to Madonna. However, Gaga is also a self-proclaimed performance artist, as she explained in her interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday night.

And you know…I’d definitely agree with this proclamation and I commend her on her utter devotion to her music, and especially, her art.

Performance art peaked in the 1960s with artists like Allan Kaprow, who deemed this art as “happenings.” Happenings were “unique events shaped by audience participation.”

The way performance art usually works is that a person or group of people put on some kind of public act in a park, stage, studio, any public space to make a creative statement. These art pieces are often recorded since they are fleeting “happenings” in time and not actually kept safe in paint, pencil, sculpture, or photography.

Artists such as Yves Klein, Yoko Ono, Ken Friedman, John Cage, and even the Blue Man Group are categorized as performance artists. Here’s an example of one of Kaprow’s famous pieces called ‘Yard’ where people would come in and play in a yard full of tires.

You may begin to see the connections Gaga’s work and weirdness has to aspects of performance art. Her performances are artistic events.

Lady Gaga's Grammy performance 2011

I suppose the concept behind Lady Gaga’s egg entrance involved her being “Born This Way,” the title of her new single and album. Therefore, Gaga was literally born on the stage of the Grammy’s.

Other conceptual performance art that Gaga has become known for includes her meat dress, “killing” herself during a 2009 VMA performance, and a multitude of crazy conceptual outfits.



It’s all part of her performance though and she’s not scared to admit that to anyone. She might be crazy, but she’s got some guts for living her art through her public career and music.

Here are photos of Gaga’s entrance onto the Red Carpet at the Grammy Awards.


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