Sculptures You’ve Never Seen…made of paper

When you were a kid, did you ever make paper fortune tellers, origami swans, or paper airplanes?
Apparently, there is an entire art that goes way beyond origami swans and encompasses paper sculptures.

This “The Best Part” blog entry sparked my interest in this topic. Artist Lauren Clay made some interesting art out of paper.

However, there’s a whole word of 3D paper art out there. Check out some interesting artists and pieces.

  1. Artists Anja Marais and Guillermo Portieles created an exhibit called Fragmentary Memories in 2008 that included sculptures made out of paper and rope.
  2. Artist Kwang Young-Chun created The Soul-Journey to America, which opened at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 2008. It housed one of the largest paper sculptures (just over 14 feet and approximately 650 pounds).
  3. Haruki Nakamura’s paper sculptures fit together like puzzle pieces. If you watch this video, you will see how he has engineered them to move together with a crank. Skip to :49 seconds to see it. Thanks to for this find.
  4. The Dollar Artist makes sculptures out of just that, dollar bills. I seriously suggest looking through his website. He has animals, Transformers, Lady Gaga, everyday items. You name it, he made it out of dollar bills.
  5. Yoshio Ikezaki is a Japanese artist that makes handmade with mulberry fiber to create paper sculptures. These remind me of very natural, earthly representations.

And I thought my paper airplanes were cool… 🙂


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