Robots Are Taking Over!

This video is only needed for background music to read this post…

The premise of this post is simple: robots are awesome. In addition, they are taking over not just the world…but the art world!



No, that’s a complete exaggeration. It’s interesting, nonetheless, to see what’s being done with robots artistically. Check out what I’ve found.

First, let’s look at Swedish artist Dirk Vander Kooij and his Endless Chairs exhibit.

"The 'endless chairs' are made from one endless piece of plastic string." -Design Boom

Vander Kooij uses his yellow robot, Fanuc, to produce his “endless chairs” at a industrial pace. According to Design Boom, the endless chairs are made from plastic from of old refrigerators that are crafted by Fanuc and form “the string into a chair of any size, form, color, gradient or stripe pattern.” Pretty cool, right?

We also have a robot comic:

A Robot Folktale by Tom Gauld

Next, there is Spanish artist, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, who inverted the function of a robot “used to deactivate bombs” into an artistic device which constructs a series of constructivist sculptures, paintings and video installations (Art Daily). The exhibit is called “Method of Discourse” and is currently housed at the Contemporary Art Center of Málaga.

Fernado Sanchez Castillp's exhibit at the CAC Malaga

The artist offers a reflection on how power can be transformed by art with the aim of modifying its pre-established social and political and using a socially committed viewpoint that focuses on historical and political events. -CAC Malanga

Lastly, check out this video. It’s not long, but he’s a robot…or is he?


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