“A thin line between art and neuroscience…”

"Language of Sleep," wall and floor piece

I found Laurie Frick’s work haphazardly (as I do most of these findings) on The Best Part blog. After doing some digging and digging on Frick, I found some interesting stuff on this chick.

a. She has her MBA from the University of Southern California and also has a background in engineering and high-technology.

b. She’s been studying developments in neuroscience and follows under-lying brain rhythms to create her works.

“Frick has been charting her own sleep patterns over time, and has also made use of a colleague’s records of his daily activities, tracked in 10-minute intervals over a five-year period…The sculptures bring together strips and fragments of wood in dense, syncopated fields, somewhat like graphs oriented either on the horizontal or vertical.” —LA Times

Pretty cool, right?

"Earth," collage

Her works are currently on exhibit at the Edward Cella Art + Architecture in Los Angeles through April 2. Here’s a time lapse video of the installation of her exhibit.


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