The Chronicles of Graffiti Artists

Graffiti artists often get a bad rep for defacing private property, promoting drugs and illegal activity, and generally having no respect for authority. However, it’s undeniable the impact graffiti artists hold in the art world.

Graffiti art took off in the mid-1970s to 1980s and was inspired by the graffiti sprayed with aerosol paint onto NYC subway trains by teenagers. Gangs became known for tagging their territory with graffiti in urban areas (Grove Art Online).

However, the medium has moved into a wider phenomenon. The original meaning of graffiti refers to drawings scratched onto the surfaces of walls, such as cave paintings. The first major exhibition of graffiti art was in 1983. Since then, graffiti art has blossomed into something more than vandalism (although, I must say that this doesn’t hold true for all graffiti).

One of today’s most famous graffiti artist’s is known as Bansky, a British artist who focuses on politics, culture, and ethics. Crayon Boy Artists Haring Dog TIME Magazine created slideshow called The World According To Banksy, which shows some of his most famous (and infamous) works.

Haring Dog


Crayon Boy

I also found Space Paintings, which are amazing pieces of art created by Brandon McConnell using spray paint. Here’s a video of him in action, it’s pretty epic.

Smashing Magazine outlined some examples of impressive graffiti art. Here are some artists that struck my fancy.

Deuce 7: artist based in Minnesota

Skid Row Mural by Retna

by 6emeia: "to modify the means within which we all live, proposing a new way to view things by reflecting upon themes generated through creative and unusual works."

"DJ" by 6emeia


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