Art Dish Returns: Asia week to celebrate return of Art Dish

Art Dishers!

I’ve been thinking of this blog very often lately. I wanted to apologize for not posting for the past 8 months! Life has definitely caught up with me. Amidst graduate school, work, family emergencies, traveling, job search, and thesis research, I have let Art Dish slip through the cracks.

But guess what?

I’m back! I will slowly start writing a few posts a week and soon be back in full swing.

Art Dish Return Kick-Off:

Hongren, Landscape After Lu Guang, 1658. Photo: Sotheby's.

To celebrate Art Dish’s return, and in honor of Asia Week New York, I will be featuring Asian work this week. My boyfriend is currently living in Handan, China. So, I have some good stuff in the works!

Asia Week New York 2012 is a collaboration among Asian art specialists, 5 auction houses, and 17 museums and Asian cultural institutions in the metropolitan New York area from March 16-24, 2012. – Asia Week New York

See you soon!

zài jiàn!


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