Asia Week New York 2012: How to enjoy from your own home

Even if you’re not in NYC, you can enjoy many of Asia Week New York’s unique auctions and exhibition pieces from the comfort of your own home.

Mahakala TsaTsa Shrine

Mahakala TsaTsa Shrine, Tibet, 18th c., Wood, polychrome. Arnold Lieberman collection.

Yesterday was the kick-off to New York’s event: Asia Week 2012, highlighting Asian art from China, Japan, India & Southeast Asia, and Korea.  Asia Week lasts from March 16-24 and includes exhibitions presented by more than 30 Asian art dealers from the U.S. and abroad, fine art auctions, and special events and lectures.  (Asia Week New York)

  1. The first resource to access Asian art pieces from actual exhibits is, who is hosting an online exhibition where users can view many of the timepieces from all cultures. Thus far, I’ve found some incredible pieces. Don’t get me wrong, nothing compares to experiencing art and culture in person, but this will have to be the next best thing.

Head of Manasa, the serpent goddess

Head of Manasa, the serpent goddess, Gupta period, early 6th century
Terracotta. John Eskenazi collection.

Silk Embroidered Green Velvet Panel, China

Silk Embroidered Green Velvet Panel, China, Wanli (1573-1619). Mark Powley collection.

2. Asian art fanatics can also access articles, photos of pieces, events, and information on Asia Week 2012 at I highly recommend reading through some of the articles. (Unfortunately, their articles don’t have a permalink to include in this post.) The website is divided by show, auction, dealer, event, or museum. However, if you have an interest in a specific culture or medium, simply use the “categories” along the right-hand side to refine your search.

3. You can get a real visual of real exhibits by watching this (< 5 minutes) interview with Asia Week dealers and auctioneers by ARTINFO.  You’ll get a sneak peek at some of the art pieces.


After looking through these sources, what’s your favorite piece?


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