3 Kickstarter Art Projects You Should Know About

Today I revisited a new way for artists to get funding for concepts and projects: Kickstarter.

If you’re not yet familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowd-funding platform for creative projects. And when I say creative projects, I mean just about anything under the sun!

According to Kickstarter statistics, art projects specifically only receive a 48.6% success rate. But this has garnered over $13.75 million in donations from successful projects!

Over the past few years, this crowd-funding platform has been replacing the need for grant applications in artists looking to fund their projects. So how does it work? Someone proposes a project, including deadlines, fundraising goals, and incentives, and people donate! If the goal isn’t met by the deadline, the project receives no money and your donation stays in your bank account.

So to get back to the beginning, I know there are hundreds on meaningful, creative, and worthwhile art projects on Kickstarter. But here are a few unique projects to get your started…

1. The Free Art Machine

The Free Art Machine -- Kickstarter

The Free Art Machine produces free art fantastically for just a dollar a unit. Created by two Chicago artists and their arts initiative, Chicago The Beautiful, the goal of this project is to produce thousands of pieces of free art made with public submissions.

The part I love most about The Free Art Machine is that when you receive a piece that you really love, you can pull it off the wall and keep it. The artist’s information is included on the back of the block, giving the consumer a chance to pursue more art from that particular artist.

The Free Art Machine -- Kickstarter

What you get from donating as little as $10: 3 pieces of free art — Recipients can also choose to pickup and choose their free art during open hours in Chicago.

2. “Garden In The Stars” Botanical Tower by Ray Cirino

Garden in the Stars -- Kickstarter

This conceptual project by Ray Cirino and Josh Epperly proposes a three-story tall botanical structure covered with fruits and vegetables. The structure “will serve as an interactive living sculpture for student, teachers, and the public to learn and benefit from.”

Miniature Concept Sculpture, by Ray Cirino

Miniature Concept Sculpture, by Ray Cirino.

The interesting part of this project is how Ray & Josh plan to use all this food, aside from beautifying the LA and Pasadena area  — they want to provide a healthy food source for senior citizen centers, low income communities, and children!

What you get from donating as little as $1: An “I Built the Garden in the Stars” sticker and behind-the-scenes access to Cirino’s creative design & fabrication process (via their website/Facebook). This includes daily/weekly access to sketches, blogs, photos, meetings, construction reports, and updates.

3. The Migrating Mural

The Migrating Mural -- Kickstarter

The Migrating Mural proposes a series of murals along the migratory routes of both endangered and elusive animals. The project owner actually describes the purpose of the mural series better than I can:

It highlights animal migration routes while beautifying human migration routes and catalyzes both wildlife conservation and public art.

“Chapter One” of the mural series will focus on the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep and will span an 145 mile distance from Olancha, CA to Lee Vining, CA.

What you get from donating as little as $5: Your name listed on the Partners page of the Migrating Mural website.

If any of these projects interest you, click the links at the top of each section to learn more about project goals and donate directly on their Kickstarter page. 

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