The Funny Thing About Creativity

Creativity is a funny thing. There are days where you feel unstoppable with whatever you’re doing. The juices are flowing and you’re loving the results. But then there are days, or weeks, or even months, that you just aren’t feeling it.

What’s funnier though? The times when you aren’t producing anything isn’t due to a lack of creativity, or even talent. It’s due to a lack of motivation.

That’s right, I said it — we’re lazy.

Over the past few years, I haven’t been producing. But I picked up the pencil and sketchbook again recently. That’s when a few funny things about creativity finally clicked:

  1. It comes when you least expect it.
    My best ideas come to mind when I’m in the shower or right before I fall asleep. If you’re feeling “stuck” in whatever you do (art, photography, cooking, choreography, writing, teaching…whatever), stop thinking so hard.
  2. It doesn’t necessarily take the artists hand to be creative.
    I’d argue the best engineering in the world came from the right and left brain. You don’t have to be that “type” of person to create something that you’re proud of.
  3. The end results isn’t usually what you initially envisioned (but that’s okay).
    Ever tried a new recipe that didn’t turn out exactly right, but it was still delicious? That’s what I’m talking about.
  4. Mistakes are not only okay, they’re encouraged.
    How else do we learn what we do and don’t like? If you’re doing it right, you’ll embrace a hiccup or two and learn from those mistakes.
  5. It doesn’t come from “thinking about it.”
    Don’t think. This is truly what I learned recently. That’s why I decided to DO something and finish a project. So here it is, my first project in five years. Is it what I originally envisioned? No. Is it riddled with mistakes? Yes. Did I finish it from “thinking about it”? No. That’s the creative hand for ya. So here’s to sharing more projects in the future.


When do you feel most creative?


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